viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012


ORIGINALLY my intention was limited to denounce the foolish gardening practices in the botanical selection at hand for high or low installations in terms of design, high/low maintenance, absolute lack of understanding composition, pollution by noise, fumes and any other kind imaginable, you may add.

The year was 2005 or was it 07, it does not matter.  Now I realize that considering everything I have theorized about, practiced and discussed without much chance of rebbuttal is irrelevant over here.

An overcrowded isle, mostly concrete and asphalt, with tons of people like the mongrels of Macho Camacho relatives, the same ones who invaded the Bronx, arriving by boats like the Coamo, before Pan AM started their operation six decades ago.

An isle with a public debt of 100 billion, without any plans to create, develop a little/some employment, income, taxes. A paradise for tax evaders, drug trafficking and money laundering. 

Who has time to care, bother, worry about any kind of gardening or rigorous, serious environmental protection?  Down in this forsaken isle, the imbeciles beach boys and girls only concern, is to collect visible garbage in  water or  sand, without much concern about the fecal water in the Caribbean or Atlantic ocean.

Yep. A fools paradise where meaningless actions are blown out of proportion, just like the architecture without any significant understanding of scale...Check the architecture in Aruba if you have any doubts.

that is that  

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012


AS you could review in
no longer accessible.


Some time ago while visiting one of those British garden photographers with tons of money and a blog, excellent by the way,
he pointed that he only writes about 'those up to his standards', the others are never written about.

How fortunate, this galloping gardener!  If I had such luck!  Unfortunately I do not have the chance or enjoy any driving in the concret/asphalt, Puerto Rico.  The only garden up to my standards is the one in our residence. Every other garden in the isle and territories stink tremendously.

However, let the record show that photographers can only show/write about installations already in situ without any insight in terms of criteria/trajectory like others with the praxis from top to bottom, beyond subjective, corny conventional aesthetic principles
in cold/hot countries too often stiff,  lacking imagination or intelligent ecologically correct maintenance practices regarding 
water/soil/air/noise/fume pollution.

that is that