miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014


WHAT you are about to see in these photos--worthy a million words--are a glimpse into the predominant riff raff crooked perception of reality in Isla Estrella, motivations and idiosincracy of the population in the  100 billion, financially bankrupt isle, in addition to the collateral moral/political, family and school.

In most places, if one is interested in selling a product, a property as in our report, for a number close to a quarter million USA dollars,  the presentation of the premises would/will influence the desire of the interested party in checking out the property to determine if he/she is willing to make an offer.

Please keep in mind that in many instances the seller will stage the property with furniture, accessories to make it more pleasant to entice the virtual buyers.

Since the property in question has been abandoned for a decade, one would expect the seller to have an average IQ, a common sense of hygiene, cleanliness, a concept of what well kept means.  However, one looks at these pictures provided by Fifo, and wonders how a family that once had some pedigree, became genetically defective with plenty of high yellows.

You be the judge.