jueves, 4 de abril de 2013


AFTER SOME THOUGHT I decided to stop writing for a while.  What is the point?

What happened recently in Cyprus triggered a chain of memories, covered by 3 decades of dust, but always on the surface.

Chile, Salvador Allende opened me eyes when I was a third of me age now.  It was clear that democracies were fine during the Cold War, only if approved by capitalists/multinationals/banks and yellow belly politicians.

All them countries in bankruptcy, Puerto Rico included, ripped off their constituents of moneys
earned with sacrifice and effort, to pay for debts created by bankers/politicians feeble, avaricious, incompetent minds.

In brief, I was always confused by violence, civil wars, ethnic wars, apparently they defeated the purpose, however, now, I see clearly.  It seems that capital/bankers/politicians do not understand other means of communication, judging from all the goods stolen from the people: education, medical services, transportation, utilities, jobs, pensions, have I left anything?

I am really sickened by the whole picture, until then. Check me out in facebuk, if interested.