lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013


LAST NIGHT, I was fortunate to watch --during intervals of channel surfing-- the most important, famous butt, ISLA ESTRELLA, USA has ever exported to the world, Iris Chacon interviewed by some imported miss Alexandra Mondragon, the wife of down syndrome looking Gilbertito Santarosa, as some mentally handicapped natives refer to salsa's gentleman.

The questions, as usual, with most people in any segment of the cultural, social, political, musical scene in the bankrupt Isla Estrella, spinned around the transcendental importance of Iris Chacon or her butt and/or both during those years before she became a glutton with heavy weight problems as was evident during the show.

She talked briefly about her sentimental life, husbands and such, but one thing is significant, Iris Chacon is not the scum from the ghetto JLO, with demands during her presentations as if she was some Cleopatra.  Iris showed the humility, simplicity that won the love/hearts and affection of men and women in Isla Estrella and beyond when she was the queen of vedetism with her impressive, now humongous rear end.

Now, what seems relevant to your humble servant is not what the imported Dominican interviewer asked, but what the native overweight former Caribbean talked about.  Apparently, the situation of Puerto Rico/Isla Estrella, USA,
bankrupt isle: morally, economically, politically and culturally isle does not worry her and the adopted hostess in the shitty tv program.

If one looks carefully to the mother of Alexandra Malagaon, with her at home hair care saloon at calle Tapia in Santurce, there is no alternative, she was adopted.

The moral of the story?  If your body is the temple of your soul, and it provided with lots of income during your 15 minutes of wild world fame, why abandon the care, it demanded to remain handsome, agile, bright while aging?

Or so what?   Why not becoming the spokesperson for Jenny Craig and/or the competition with coworkers such as: Susan Soltero, Bizcocho, Ali Biscocho Agrandado and the rest
 of them?