jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013


NO IMPORTA, si es la radio o la tele, la prensa de papel o cibernetica, la cantaleta es apabullante: Semana Santa.  El estado deberia dictar algunas normas respecto a esta arbitrariedad de imponernos toda esa propaganda que obvia su esencia.

Toda religion, sin excepcion reclama un solo dios que aparentemente creo todo el universo. Una pendejada que Copernico/Galileo demostraron imposible. Sin embargo cuanto chupatuerca, intelectual con dostorados o totalmente analfabeto, nos imponen anualmente durante las crihmah I esta dichosa semana.

Toda institucion religiosa o iglesia si prefiere mantiene a la mujer como un burro de carga o gallina ponedora de infants en un globo sobrepoblado.

Se oponen al control de natalidad, al aborto, al matrimonio entre homosexuales/lesbianas, mas aun, a discutir el asunto en terminus mas alla de lo que dicta el libro gordo, e inintelegible para la mayoria de los seres humanos.

En adicion protegen a los pederastas, a los que abusan sexualmente como los Mormones que fornican con ninhas de 14 de edad, imponiendo reglas, normas que hay que seguir so pena de ostracismo. Sin entrar en lo de la obediencia I demas pendejadas.

Me cago en la Ostia! Que han hecho las Iglesias estas o aquellas para ayudar al monton de sonhadores de mejores futuros que han sido estafados en occidente por bankeros/politikeros que le han robado hasta el ultimo centavo?

Que han sido deshauciados, perdiendo sus residencies, que no encuentran empleo?  Que es lo que hacen, que han hecho/

Historicamente, acaso cada grupo religioso no ha reclamado que es el unico, el verdadero? Punheta, no se vuelan en pedazos los cabrones musulmanes Shiis/Sunis por mariconadas de protocolo, perspectiva, puntos de vista?

I que de los Indus/Musulmanes que jodieron el proyecto de independencia que promovia Gandhi? Dejandonos a Pakistan, Bangladesh, una partida de hijos de puta que historicamente se han dedicado a sembrar odio, volar en pedazos a los suyos I los contrarios?

Basta ya punheta de tanta irracionalidad! No importa como lo pinten, intenten hacernos creer...toda religion es una camisa de fuerza para mantener a esas mujeres liberadas o no como esclavas con cadenas largas virtuales, pariendo como conejas en un globo sobrepoblado.

Al carajo la Iglesia, no importa cual.


miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013


THE NEWS are there.  When one thinks no more surprises can appear as in a nightmare, the horror movie is about the same no matter the latitude/longitude.

Now is Chipre, the divided isle, where everyjuan's savings have been kidnapped, as if non politicians/bankers were guilty of the bankruptcy.

In Puerto Rico the solution will be similar,  only with taxation, a little different, with the same result, making the victims of stupidity, avarice, lack of vision for six decades to pay cash for the constant mistakes of the public servants, bankers and feeble minded politicians elected by the populace.

Check this out. The local news media have embraced with total pity/compassion the state
pensioners who have lost everything at this time, and in the future.  However, I read a somewhat drastic view from an retired worker from the private sector.

The state pensioners received until now. half their salary, worked less than 8 hours,  accumulated 30/30/20, vacation, sick time and holydays per year, a summer bonus, another in Christmas and so on... In the private sector the story is less than one half all those benefits, plus having to work thirty percent more hours than their counterparts.

The author feels no pity, no regrets, concluding that they had it nice and easy while it lasted, now is time to count them blessings....gone for ever.

On other issues...bullying is a  news fad, musicals have been created to fight it...as it was something new. I met it 52 years ago...but it had no name, it was not baptized then.

School deserters are also in,  Why do people leave schools?  Well, you do not need to be a Rhodes scholar to understand the issue with a little introspection. What is the point  of becoming this or that if there no job after you have reached the finish line with a diploma?

Or the available jobs are mostly flipping burgers, frying chicken, waitressing or becoming a career watchmen working for peanuts?

There is something much worse. In Puerto Rico there is one university per mile, 80 or more. The market is saturated with low quality graduates. Anyjuan seems to have a degree of any kind.

Going to college is just a four year pass time, without any meaning if you consider the possibilities of entering the job market, which is zero.

In brief,  education, universities, the school system as part of the whole scheme of society, church, family and government failed to do what they were supposed to do.  Without any accountability, most people took what they could and ran.

Now every where I look, it is the same chaos without any imaginative, permanent solution provided. It seems that parches here and there for the moment will suffice.

So long 'looking for a better future'

lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013


I HAVE been pondering, looking for culprits with a license to kill, regarding the destruction of nature, habitats, flora/fauna,  murderers of the environment, not different in results as any ethnic cleansing, flora/fauna,  in Puerto Rico and or country with sand/sun tourism,  beaches with palms/no palms.

I walk around Santurce frequently, over two miles often, in any direction, that by the way is getting dull, considering the destruction with ugly concrete modern structures, matchboxes in a vertical or horizontal architect state of mind.

One wonders what do they go to get a degree for, why do they constantly appear in the local paper shoppers receiving a prize for
a school. church or whatever in Haiti, with a highball, martini, wine,, or champagne in hand as if they had done anything worthy, after all their killer designs, as if they were enhancing humankind or improving, at least not killing  our world flora and fauna.

Too many people, particularly those with environmental flu, preach and repeat mantra like the destruction with Monsanto/Dupont corn/soy seeds, oil, mining, fishing like there is no tomorrow,  and/or you name it, forgetting the immediate environment, the concrete/asphalt close, at reach where they have lived all their lives...as if they lived in a vacuum.

The really amazing,  hard to comprehend panoramic view is that  architects with radio talk shows talk about text book utopian  cities, buildings, planning boards that exist only in their feeble minds,  in a Puerto Rico where nothing has ever been planned in any aspect of our economy or infrastructures.  They talk/write about the use of space and light, while designing matchboxes left and right out of PROPORTION, each one of them.  They remind yours truly of those biblical Pharisees, white in the outside, rotten within.

The worst kind of architect is the landscape architect. Everything they design/install consist of hedges/palms/Ficus/turf, pillars of the imagination. He/she do not plant anything, have no notion or COMPOSITION, ground covers, growth habit, irrigation, diseases, maintenance in the long/short run, I better stop. In brief the retard architects who have prevailed during the last sixty years have been aiding and abetting:
bankers, lawyers, mortgage originators, speculators, and their favorite scapegoats...engineers, in turn doing the dirty work for housing/highway developers.

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013



the scam continues...
here is the latest on
this paradigmatic ecological
disaster to happen thanks to the authorities
and people without credentials,
expertise on the issues:
From el Nuevo Dia
October 15

La avaricia, estupidez de los tarugos que gobiernan y sus complices no se detiene. Lo primero que habria que hacer rigurosamente, antes de hablar/escribir/exigir dragado de sedimento contaminado/contaminante, es eliminar rigurosamente el descargue de aguas fecales en el canho.

Otra noticia que salio, respecto a este desastre ecologico que se avecina en manos de gente sin peritaje e inescrupulosa.


Here below, the most competent analysis
on the issues, thanks to Robert Beato.
I HAVE BEEN trekking through out the laberinth streets of Canho Martin Penha in every possible direction since we moved to Santurce, five years ago. WHAT keeps me interested is the flora/fauna, with a wide variety of the abandoned residences and those in living conditions, as a bonus. 

However, when one considers the wild environmental destruction to the endemic flora and fauna  that has taken place for the last four decades in this area--as in Puerto Rico and territories as a whole--, it is amazing to observe how much of the original vegetation/nature still stands: trees, bushes, vines, ground covers, grasses and plants. (1)

This makes Martin Penha an unique, picturesque habitat for flora, birds, reptiles and pollinators still around. All are destined to disappear, their habitats substituted with concrete/asphalt, (the proposed sterile water plaza on page 53 of the link below, is evidence), the silly palm trees and turf, as anyjuan could notice in the right side to the bridge across El Mercantil and the curved designed bridge built on top of Cantera to hide the residences from curious tourists in their vehicles of choice.

These long walks , observations, studying, researching the issues, leave no doubts in my mind, the dark  intention$ of the dredging, will screw up life for humans and nature without any hope.  

My suspicions have been confirmed a couple of days ago after reading the Caribbean Business article by Dennis Costa and the interview to Lyvia Rodriguez del Valle, director.

 http://www.caribbeanbusinesspr.com/prnt_ed/martin-pena-channel-a-dream-deferred-8200.html      (1)
Check the header photo. That green canopy is what I am talking about, all to be destroyed!

The 3,000 words article mentions ideas/concepts like: development, financial engineering, protection of waterways,
environmental impact, mainly public recreation area (680 millions), 100 feet wide, ten feet deep,
catastrophic environmental pollution with 2 million fecal coliforms per 100,000 milliliters when the federal limits are 200!

I am not going to chew/digest the article. I do suggest the reading, reach your own opinion.
One thing is pertinent. Lyvia Rodriguez speaks/talks just like a real estate broker, not a Mother Theresa of Calcuta, she sounds more
more like a Bernie Maddox, what is relevant to her, accomplices/associates involved with this big scam rip off is: increased property values after the dredging is done, that is that!

To finish I would ask the folloving:

1.  Could the channel be reduced by 50 feet wide?
After all I do not know many islanders with vessels to travel around in search of alcapurrias, cod fish fritters with Medallas, the kind of tourism
one would expectd in those waterways.

2.  Where do they plant to deposit the tons of contaminated sediment from Canho Martin Penha.
That is the biggest issue afer the dredging or not?

3.  Where is the botanical inventory/catalog of the local flora and fauna to develop a serious, rigorous conservation plan?  Pretty please with sugar on top, do not become another Alberto Areces Mallea and Gabriela Ocampo, with those two of a kind in Puerto Rico's history of environmental destruction is enough.